Month: October 2009

Role-Based CLI

Posted by – October 24, 2009

Role-Based CLI is the possibility to use view into which you could assign commands for users. ( e.g. You don’t trust the new intern… ) You can create up to 15 view including superview ( mix of views )

Take a look at the video to know how to create and manipulate views.

Picture 11

A new Mad Router Tool : cliget

Posted by – October 16, 2009

Hi folks,

I’ve just created a new tool in order to get informations from a Cisco router without using Telnet/SSH but showing output like the famous CLI 🙂

Based on HTTP GET request, this tool used the http server embedded in IOS.

The developpement was quickly-made and the code is not very optimised… I let you see the presentation by clicking on the pic below