Month: July 2008

Why Telnet is so Weak …

Posted by – July 27, 2008

I have written a script in python, always with scapy, that captures in real time all the Telnet traffic accross the network.

The script, when reduced to its minimal needs, has 18 lines …

Here is the video.

All the datas captured are stored in a file: Client-Source IP – Server-Destination IP

The script does not manage very well when several telnet connections are launched to the same Telnet server by a unique host.

TFTP File Capture

Posted by – July 16, 2008

The story continues using Scapy ( or how to create powerful tools in 5 minutes ).

Here’s the video of my new tool written with Scapy. The aim is to capture file configuration exported from cisco devices and walking on the wire in plain text.